Special thanks to DJ Jason Jani and the SCE event group who Produced this recap video of the conference.

The Entertainment Experience methods and tools also create incredible experiences for conferences.  Using theater, technology, story telling and talent we can design and host an experience that makes your conference experience greater than it’s part, maximizes precieved value and connects participants to the conference and fellow attendees creating anticipation for the next year.

In 2015 Mobile Beat Show producer contracted the Entertainment Experience to reinvent the show and create a brand new experience for attendees.

“Bill Hermann and Jason Jones incorporated their “Entertainment Experience” to the maximum as key players in the design and success of the 2015 Mobile Beat event in Las Vegas,Nevada. Hundreds of DJs from around the country were able to witness their creative talents first hand, working closely with a team of others to use their skills the transform the event into one of visual excitement as well as educational. Every detail was thought through and scripted. It was a pleasure to collaborate with them.”

-Michael Buonaccorso, MBLV15 Producer, Mobile Beat Magazine

 An attendee described his experience on facebook:

“This is a “bone to pick post” with the crew that put on the Mobile Beat Las Vegas show a couple of months ago. I went and I just realized, yes I am a tad slow, after reading the story in the latest issue of Mobile Beat Magazine about the show, that I didn’t get to play golf during the week at all!! WTF???

Usually during the week I can sneak away for a round with some golf buddies, but this year those suckers Bill Hermann and Jason A. Jones who took the ball that Ryan Burger threw them and ran with it, planned such a great show that there never was a slow day for me to get away. Michael Buonaccorso booked the top notch presenters and the way it was planned with only one outstanding seminar going on at a time made it impossible for me to get away.

And I will drop another name that screwed my week of golf up, Jason Jani! That buggah was dropping the tunes between seminars and I was so in awe that I didn’t even want to go take a pee much less golf!

Dare I say that this past year I truly got my moneys worth! But really, I missed my golf time with some buds… Maybe in 2016 I will have to come out on Saturday so I can at least play before this thing gets rolling! I hear March is a better month for golf anyway! “

– Chuck Leonard


#‎MBLV15 has been one of the most motivational experiences of my Career! I can’t wait to get back to my team and start creating some Epic Experiences for all of our clients, as well as help transform the lives of those who surround us! I want to Thank Bill Hermann, Jason A. Jones, Jason JaniRyan Burger as well as the rest of the people involved in making this year’s show what it was!

See you all in the near future! – Some big things are coming!!!!””

Tony Axtell, Owner/Mentor, Empire Productions, Sioux Falls, SD,

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