Our Story

The Entertainment Experience was created and developed in 2011 by Bill Hermann and Jason Jones. The flagship workshop “Power to Create” combined Hermann’s theatrical skill and knowledge as an actor and director and Jason’s expertise in story telling and transformational coaching to create an educational experience that advances the careers and businesses of event professionals faster than any other standalone training.

The Entertainment Experience is a transformational experience that provides theatrical and story telling principles that anyone can apply to any event.  These concepts and principles have been successfully applied to weddings, fund-raising events, comedy shows, corporate events, interactive entertainment and conferences.  Students are left understanding their strength and expertise and are empowered to collaboratively create singularly unique events with each of their clients and the tools to make it happen.

It began with a speech Bill Hermann presented at The Disc Jockey News Conference in 2008 titled The Entertainment Experience.  In that speech he spoke of his passion for theater and applying it to the events he created with his clients.  By the end of the speech it was clear that these ideas were completely new to most of the wedding entertainment (DJ) business.  Excited by the possibility of the difference it could make in the industry, Hermann teamed up with long time friend, performer, producer and coach Jason Jones to create what has come to embody the Entertainment Experience today.

This training has never been so relevant to the wedding and corporate meeting industry as it is right now.  The workshop has expanded its reach to Australia, United Kingdom and Canada in addition to attracting DJs, performers and producers from across the United States.