What is the Entertainment Experience?

Amazing Wedding receptions don’t happen by accident.  They happen when a director and performer set up every activity to have an intended impact.  This is what moves an audience to laughter, tears and joy and leaves them touched and moved. Actor/Wedding Entertainer Bill Hermann presents a workshop that goes far beyond tips and routines to use in your performance.  The 3 day workshop provides you with the tactical means to implement, staging, story, powerful transitions and a memorable performance into your events.  You workshop the concepts leaving you crystal clear on how to create new scripts, routines, games etc without the worry that they might fail even if you’ve never done them before.  What Bill and Jason teach in the Entertainment Experience are methods to create your own original work by collaborating with clients.  This is done from a theatrical perspective that creates a memorable experience for guests and clients that goes far beyond their expectations.

Here’s what s in the 2 Day flagship workshop

Power to Create

In the power to create you get the tools to create personal, touching, fun and surprising receptions.  We remove the limits around the “DJ” you see yourself as and begin looking at what you do through the eyes of an actor, producer and director.  This opens up possibilities for you and your clients in a style that is all your own.


The biggest impact you can have on your performance, sales meetings, charging premium fees and your life lies in looking at how you listen.  This results in a more powerful stage presence and a more powerful sales conversation that speaks to what your client wants rather than what you will give them.


Story is the foundation of the Entertainment Experience.  You get the tools to structure your events like a story or a play.  This gives the guests an experience that creates anticipation and excitement around every corner.


Transitions are the glue that holds the entire event together.  If you want the guests to come with you and give you their attention then powerful transitions are key.  In this section you get the tools to craft transitions that leave guests curious about what you’re going to say every time you open the mic.


Staging frames the action and if you take this into consideration you will dramatically enhance what the audience experiences.  In this section you will tools to manipulate the events surroundings giving your guests an experience they won’t soon forget.


Performance encompasses how the audience perceives you and how you are able to move them when you speak, when you don’t speak, when you’re playing a song.  You get tools that will have the greatest impact on your performance.  Our graduates have reported a major shift in how they positively impact an audience in their very next show

Further Workshops

You must complete the the Power to Create to take all the other workshops.

Mastering the Sales Conversation

Now that you have the creative tools to create amazing experiences for your clients, how do you sell it?    Bill and Jason successfully book events at 4 to 5 times the average price of a DJ.  There are no scripts to memorize, tricks to remember or gimmicks.  This is about winning the confidence and admiration of those considering your services through a conversation.

Art of the Audio Edit

Ready to dazzle your clients and your guests?  Ready to make an impact on your spotlight dances so great that people buzz about it for months.    The skill of creating song edits will make you stand a part from your competition and doing it well will multiply your referrals. Sound files in player:  first dance MP3 and father daughter MP3

It doesn’t stop once the workshop is done!!

We know you won’t see the full results from using the tools we give you in the workshop so we provide continued coaching to ensure your success.  You also get:

  • One hour of personal coaching within a couple of months of the workshop
  • Access to our private Facebook group to connect and share with other graduates
  • Invitations to exclusive events

This is the only comprehensive training of it’s kind that will have you producing extraordinary results!  An incredible value so act now!